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Students receive a grade in each course in which they are enrolled. Transfer credits and courses graded HP/P/LP/U/Y, AU, CR, DI, DN, I, IP, P, PA, PP, PS or W are omitted from the calculation of grade point averages.    Grading (prior to 2010 Spring)

Letter Grade Definition for Undergraduate Course Definition for Postgraduate Course
A+, A, A- Excellent Performance Excellent Performance
B+, B Good Performance Good Performance
B- Good Performance Marginal Performance  (1)
C+, C Satisfactory Performance Marginal Performance
C- Satisfactory Performance --
D Marginal Pass --
F Fail Failure

Other Grade Definition
Audited  (5)
CR Credit
DI Distinction  (3)
DN Distinction
I Incomplete  (5)
IP In Progress  (2)
P Pass, Ungraded (under the P/F grading system)
PA Pass, Graded (under the DI/PA/F grading system)  (3)
PP Permitted to Proceed  (4)
PS Pass, Graded
T Transfer
W Withdrawal without Penalty

HP/P/LP/U/Y Grade (used in Executive Programs) Definition
High Pass
P Pass
LP Low Pass
U Unsatisfactory
Y Incomplete


1 Definition revised from ‘Good Performance’ from Fall 1999-2000
2 Ceased to be used from Fall 1997-98
3 The DI and PA grades can only be used under the “Distinction/Pass/Fail” grading system.
The Permitted to Proceed (PP) grade may be given in two-part or three-part project courses. When progress in thesis or project work is satisfactory but not scheduled for completion at the end of a term, the PP grade will be used. It will be converted to the grade given at the end of the final part of the course. The PP grade is also used at the end of the first term of a two-regular term course.  In this case, the PP grade is left unchanged when the final grade is recorded at the end of the second term.
Academic Regulations on:
Course Auditing
With the permission of the course instructor, students may register in a course as an auditor and attend the course and participate in course activities. Auditing students will not be awarded a grade or earn credits. Subject to satisfactory completion of requirements set by the instructor, the course will be designated AU on the student’s transcript. Otherwise the course will be removed from the registration record.
Incomplete Grades
An Incomplete (I) grade is used when completion of a student’s work is necessarily delayed. This grade must be converted to a regular grade at least one working day before the start of the following regular term; otherwise the I grade is converted to F.

Grade Averages
With effect from 2010-11 Spring, the University has adopted a 4-point grading system to replace the 12-point system that has been used since 1991-92 in the calculation of grade averages.    Grade Averages & Course Weight (prior to 2010 Spring)

The following grade averages are calculated and are presented in numeric values only :

TGA (Term Grade Average): TGA is calculated across all courses taken in a term.

CGA (Cumulative Grade Average): CGA is calculated for all the courses earning grade points completed since first registration in a program up to the point of calculation.

GGA (Graduation Cumulative Grade Average): GGA is the student’s CGA adjusted by excluding courses and adopting a weighting  policy under established University’s rules.

Before 2010-11 Spring, SGA (Semester Grade Average) was used.

SGA (Semester Grade Average) is the combined grade average covering all courses taken in Fall and the following Winter or Spring and the following Summer.

The following table shows the conversion of 12-point and 4-point grading system

12-point System
(1992-92 Fall to 2010-11 Fall)
Letter Grade 4-point System
(effective from 2010-11Spring)
Course Grade Point Course Grade Point
12          A+ 4.3
11          A 4.0
10          A- 3.7
9          B+ 3.3
8          B 3.0
7          B- 2.7
6          C+ 2.3
5          C 2.0
4          C- 1.7
-          D+ -
2          D 1.0
-          D- -
0          F 0


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